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TenSource is dedicated to removing the walls around commercial listing data. Subscriptions for quality commercial listing data costs upwards of $500/month. With TenSource you can search property listings for free.

We've also made it free for property owners to list space, which allows us to build a comprehensive database of listings. Listings are sorted based on their relevance to you, saving you time by showing the best matches first, but also giving you peace of mind knowing you can sift through every possibility.

The best spaces are often never even listed because property owners can handpick businesses for them. Posting your Business Profile on TenSource gives you a chance to be considered for these unlisted deals.

When property owners learn about your business and space needs, they compete for your tenancy. The result is you get more options, better matches, and the best deals. The bottom line: when landlords compete, you win!

If you're serious about finding the right space for your business and don't want to be limited by what a broker presents, TenSources Concierge is perfect for you. It gives you the best of both worlds: you drive your own search while having on-demand access to professional tenant advisory services. On top of that, it entitles you to a split of any tenant commission as a result of signing a lease.

Posting your listings to TenSource is always free.

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But don't just wait for businesses to reach out to you. Each business searching on TenSource creates a space need. Sign up for a Pro subscription to proactively find these businesses actively in the market for space. Our search features enable you to find the best tenants for your buildings and easily sort them by whether their parameters match each of your property listings.

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Commercial real estate brings our communities together - Retail physically brings us together, Office workers create the ebbs and flows of pedestrian traffic that make our neighborhoods strong, and industry keeps us running. It's a complex ecosystem that keeps our communities vibrant. By helping businesses find the perfect spaces to succeed, we know it will reinforce and create vitality and vibrancy; the key ingredients that make a city greater than the sum of its parts.

There are numerous opportunities to reinforce the strength of our communities outside of CRE too, and we believe in doing our part to keep our communities and commercial corridors strong through charitable donations and community activism. As we expand our social mission will grow to every market we enter throughout the nation.

We are serious about creating a strong community on TenSource. One that facilitates the free flow of useful Commercial Real Estate information. Some actions are antithetical to this mission so we need your help. Please abide by our terms of conduct and please flag any user or data that doesn't.


  • Real names
  • True information
  • No bait-and-switch listings (Posting incorrect, often too-good-to-be-true info to facilitate inquiries)
  • No reposting old information to "refresh" interest
  • Periodically confirm your information as available or not
  • Be kind, be respectful

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